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12 Days of LoudCrowd: Holiday 2022
12 Days of LoudCrowd: Day 11 - 1x1 Story Replies
12 Days of LoudCrowd: Day 11 - 1x1 Story Replies

LoudCrowd helps you view and react to all of your live Story Tags all in one place

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As a brand, we know your DM inbox is crazy, and it can be hard to keep up responding to all of the Stories you've been tagged in. LoudCrowd is the only tool that allows you to see your active stories, and send a customized 1x1 DM to the poster. Here's two use cases for Manual Story Replies:

Select Giveaway Winner:

Running a challenge where you ask folks to share on their Story? Filter LoudCrowd's content tab to view the day's active stories, and select a winner based on Impressions, Engagement Rate, or at random. Send the customer a note by clicking the post and selecting the Message icon, and send your custom message directly from the platform.

Ask for Original Content & Post Permissions

See a post you'd like to share to your own socials, but it has a ton of stickers or you don't have permission to repost yet? Use manual story replies to ask that customer for the original post and for permissions to repost on your own channels.

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