12 Days of LoudCrowd: Day 8 - TikTok
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TikTok has recently hit 1 billion monthly users and is set to overtake Instagram's monthly user base within the next year. Despite its massive growth, brand-building on TikTok is still very much in its infancy. Marketers have a one-time opportunity to expand their audience and influence while a social channel is young, and LoudCrowd has the tools you need to galvanize your customers to create valuable TikTok content with you.

TikTok is starting to catch up to the brand marketing game, and therefore it's becoming harder and harder for business accounts to go viral without paying for ad spots.

Enter your brand ambassadors.

TikTok content has an engagement rate that is 100x that of Instagram, and due to the nature of the app's For You Page algorithm, even customers who have less than 100 followers can have a video go viral. Take the pressure off of creating TikTok content and incentivize your customers to create content with you to boost your brand's organic reach, organically.

How to leverage TikTok in your LoudCrowd account:

  • Add your TikTok Account - If you haven't already, start pulling in all of your tagged content on TikTok and work with your dedicated client strategist to create a baseline UGC audit.

  • Create a TikTok-specific Program - For those looking to get specific TikTok content, our recommendation is to create a separate program that rewards customers for creating content that meets a specific content brief. Check out Kyte Baby's Grow With Me program to see how they're leveraging their ambassadors to get the type content they want with a TikTok-only program.

  • Incorporate TikTok into your program: If only interested in getting more TikTok content from your community, try incorporating TikToks as a separate reward tier in your existing program. Typically, TikToks are harder to make and have a higher return, so try adding a more enticing reward for this tier. Check out the Team UCAN program to see how they offer different rewards for each kind of content their ambassadors create.

  • Run TikTok specific challenges: Short-term content challenges are a great way to get specific content from your ambassadors by offering bonus rewards outside of your typical program structure. Try running TikTok-specific challenges to empower your customers to create more content with you on this platform.

Reach out to your dedicated client strategist to get TikTok added to your account!

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