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12 Days of LoudCrowd: Holiday 2022
12 Days of LoudCrowd: Day 5 - Types of Programs
12 Days of LoudCrowd: Day 5 - Types of Programs

Scale any type of UGC program, from Influencer to All Customer

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Looking to mix and match or get creative this holiday season? Here are some different programs LoudCrowd has to offer!

According to a report by Forbes, “82% of respondents said they are more likely to shop with retailers who offer some type of customer loyalty program”

Some of the Programs that LoudCrowd offers are:

All Customer Program: Incentivize all customers to post about you, while also making them feel like a valued part of the brand.

Ambassador Storefronts Program: This product allows brands to create a creator-centric shopping experience on their eComm.

Customer Journey Program: This is another type of all customer program. It incentivizes customers to show off their lifetime journey with brand products.

Student/Athlete Ambassador Program: Seizes brand presence on campus and teams

Affiliate Program: Enable your customers to earn commission on top of your social rewards structure.

Below is an example of one of our Student Ambassador Program!

For more info on how to create and manage rewards, checkout this article!

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