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12 Days of LoudCrowd: Holiday 2022
12 Days of LoudCrowd - Day 12: 2022 in Customer Stories
12 Days of LoudCrowd - Day 12: 2022 in Customer Stories

Take a look back with us as we celebrate our wins from 2022.

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It's time for our second annual LoudCrowd Wrapped, where we share some of our favorite Customer Stories from the year. It's been a busy year filled with successful program launches, challenges, and UGC growth, all thanks to YOUR hard work! Take a look back with us as we celebrate our wins from 2022. We love to hear about your experience with LoudCrowd. If you've got feedback for the team, please leave us a G2 Review!

UCAN joined our 1K club for over 1,000 posts from their ambassadors. They've also been extremely effective in activating their clients. Compared to the 6 months prior to launch, to the 6 months post launch, members of the UCAN program grew posts by 1.88K+, grew impressions by 728% and grew EMV by 728%. Katie Visentin, Director of Brand Activation, said on working with LoudCrowd: "Working with a partner like LoudCrowd has been a dream of mine for the last 7.5 years. LoudCrowd allows us to engage with our passionate customers and reward them for sharing their love of the brand through their social networks. Working with Ashlee from the LC team has made the process of engaging seamless and helps me bring my vision for the program to life!"

Eco Modern Essentials

“The team at LoudCrowd have been incredible from day one. From introduction, the onboarding process to support throughout they have been a hands on, friendly team. LoudCrowd has helped us streamline our Ambassador Program & Social Media platforms for ease of management and we have seen incredible growth and understanding across all platforms.” - Georgia Doherty, Content & Community Coordinator

“It’s been a pleasure working with LoudCrowd. They have really helped amp up our ambassador program and are super supportive and helpful. We’ve seen a big increase in our social media and brand awareness. We would definitely recommend!”


"I really love the addition of the notes section! It has made our CRM a lot easier because we can now record everything in one place. Multiple team members use LoudCrowd, and now we're are able to manage our ambassadors across all of our communication channels more easily." - Maurine Magka

Sweetwater Brewing

Through LoudCrowd, we've been able to leverage our ambassadors for new product launches and events. Our group of ~100 SweetWater Ambassadors have helped us reach over 1 million additional people. We're planning to leverage our existing and future ambassadors to promote our expanded business offerings, like for our new taproom in Colorado!"

"This program has already encouraged customers to go in and actually make dedicated posts to our brand, saying things like 'This is why I love Tooth and Honey' and 'You're going to see me posting with them a lot more!' in their captions."

“LoudCrowd has created more incentive for customers to share content. More people are definitely posting more than they would. (Using LoudCrowd) is not so much a short-term strategy as it is a tool to build long-term customer value. Customers often ask to be an affiliate or sponsored creator with us, and our LoudCrowd program allows us to have another option for customers to be ambassadors for the brand.”

“If I”m having a sale, instead of having to ask for permission and pay someone for content, I can just pop into LoudCrowd and grab photos for the product I’m looking for. Even though social content is shifting towards video, I’ve found it helpful to repurpose program member photos for my email marketing channels."


"It was great to learn more tricks on how we can track post engagement for multiple segments of ambassadors, fans, and customers on LoudCrowd. We'll be using this tool to engage more with our best content creators in our upcoming campaign." - Bryan Kimbell, Director of Marketing

Mad Hippie

“The best part of LoudCrowd has been the level of service we get from the Client Strategy team. Not only do they respond so quickly to my questions and requests, but anytime there's an issue , they are on it and make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible. It’s made managing our program in LoudCrowd so easy.” -Lynsey Christensen, Social Media Manager at Mad Hippie

boohoo US

“Lowdcrowd is an amazing platform that is really helping us scale our ambassador programs. We have been working closely with Alexa and she has been truly amazing at helping us feel confident in using the platform and giving ideas on how to grow our programs bigger and better.” - Lauren Holuby, US Brand Marketing Assistant @ boohoo


“The LoudCrowd team has been incredible and very hands-on from the initial onboarding process to helping us streamline our student ambassador program to even helping us strategize our marketing efforts for maximum growth using their tools. With an extremely user-friendly platform and supportive team, LoudCrowd has made life easier and most importantly lessened my usage of spreadsheets. I’m excited for the future can’t wait to see what LoudCrowd continues to help our team accomplish!” - Courtney Siwek, US Senior Tiktok Influencer Executive @ Pretty Little Thing

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