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How to Integrate with LoudCrowd via Webhooks
How to Integrate with LoudCrowd via Webhooks

Webhooks are automated messages sent from to your system, containing payloads of social/reward data that you can use outside of LoudCrowd

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LoudCrowd’s Webhooks provide data that indicates when one of your customers has completed a reward event (i.e. makes 2 Story posts). This enables you to trigger actions within your own system to reward customers appropriately, or store insightful social information. Establishing the system of data transfer is as simple as setting up an API URL and API key where LoudCrowd can securely push data to. Much of the tools you already use, perhaps like your ESP or eCommerce platform, already contain the ability to capture data via Webhooks.

Every event that LoudCrowd sends will have a payload of available information. LoudCrowd’s current Webhook payload:


"lcId": "ABC123", //loudcrowd id for this reward fulfillment

"email": "[email protected]",

"igUsername": "instagram.username",

"ttUsername": "tiktok.username",

"discountCode": "code123", //unique discount code for the reward (if the reward is code-based)

"medias": [


"lcId": "ABC123", //loudcrowd id for this media

"postedAt": "2022-04-12T11:18:20.902164"

"postType": "FEED" //either "FEED", "STORY", or “REEL”



How to set up the webhook integration with LoudCrowd?

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page in your LoudCrowd account and under Outbound, hit Add Integration

2. Select Webhook from the list of available integrations

3. Next, enter the API Url and API Key that you or your technology team set-up for capturing LoudCrowd events and payloads.

4. LoudCrowd will automatically begin sending any event triggers for rewards created with Webhooks as the outbound source. For more information on creating and managing rewards, refer to here.

5. Then, you and your technology team can configure your system to handle LoudCrowd events and data payloads as you please.

6. Once complete, you can then test your system configuration via the test button within the newly created integration in LoudCrowd. Hitting the Test button will bring up a modal where you can enter test data. Enter the sample data, hit Test, and look within your system to find whether the correct data has come through.

7. If you need further support, contact your dedicated client strategist or [email protected] for assistance.

Potential Use Cases for Webhooks:

  • Triggering reward events within your native system

  • Triggering reward events within currently natively unsupported ESP or Loyalty systems

  • Capturing/storing reward information within your own system

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