Continue optimizing your social rewards program by bringing your creators closer to the brand!

What is Close Friends on Instagram?

This is a feature on Instagram that allows you to select usernames who will view exclusive content posted to your Close Friends Instagram Story. Only the usernames on your Close Friends list will be able to see your secret content.

How do I add usernames to Close Friends?

  1. Once you're logged into Instagram, go to your profile

  2. Click the 3 dashed lines in the top right corner

  3. Select Close Friends

  4. Search for the usernames you'd like to include in this list, then click the circle next to their name

What are the benefits of adding program members to your Close Friends?

In addition to their ongoing program perks, your program members now feel even closer to the brand by having exclusive access to content! You'll see a boost in Story engagement when you post polls/questions to your Close Friends, along with a boost in following when you encourage your members to follow your brand so they don't miss out on member-only content.

Examples of what to post on Close Friends:

  • Program announcements

  • Program-only challenges

  • Program reminders

    • "You only have 2 days left to post on IG!"

  • Crowdsourcing

    • What other perks do they want to have within the program?

    • Do they prefer one product over another?

  • Exclusive early access to new products / sales

Don't forget to communicate to your program members that you're bringing them closer to the brand, and to keep an eye out for the green circle on Instagram so they don't miss out on program exclusives.

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