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Ways to communicate to your program members via email
Ways to communicate to your program members via email
Six emails you should be utilizing for your social rewards program.
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Utilize email as a main form of communication with your social rewards program members. Check out the below program-related emails you should implement sooner rather than later.

Welcome Email:

This is the first email your program member receives after signing up for the program, so make sure to include all of the necessary information. Here's what you need to include:

  • Welcome message

  • Program Rewards

  • Reminder of how your program works

  • Post rules they must follow

  • FAQ button that links back to the program landing page

  • UGC images you want to highlight

Reward Email:

Your program reward emails are crucial when tracking ROI, so make sure to include the below in your emails:

  • A thank you for posting message

  • Place {{event.discountCode}} where you want your discount code to be placed

  • A Shop Now button linking to your store or specific product

  • UGC images from your program members

Post Pointers Email:

Once your program members join your program, they might need a bit of inspiration to help them make their first post. Add a Post Pointers email into your Welcome email flow to guide them into the type of UGC you'd like to see. Here's what to include:

  • A quick acknowledgement that they're part of your program

  • 3-4 tips and tricks when it comes to creating beautiful UGC

  • Highlight your favorite UGC posts so they can use those as inspiration

  • A button prompting them to post now, linking it to Instagram or TikTok

Program Challenge Email:

Program-only challenges can be fun to create, but make sure your email announcing the challenge has the below details:

  • What the challenge is, including posting requirements (ex. Instagram in-feed only)

  • When the challenge starts and ends

  • What they can win for participating

  • Any challenge specific rules they need to follow

  • A button prompting them to post now, linking to Instagram or TikTok

Mid-month Reminder Email

If your program has monthly rewards, send out an email halfway through the month to remind them of their rewards! Here's what to include:

  • A message letting them know they have X amount of days left in the month to post on Instagram or TikTok

  • Your program rewards

  • Your program post rules

  • A button prompting them to post now, linking to Instagram or TikTok

Program Newsletter

To increase community management efforts, create a program-only newsletter for your program members! You can include exclusive content or promote other efforts. Here's what you'll want to include:

  • A branded newsletter header

  • Program-only announcements

  • Program-only upcoming perks

  • Reminder of program rewards

  • Highlight program members posts you loved from the month

  • Include any relevant blog posts your brand would like to promote to this community

Click HERE for examples on all of the program emails above.

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