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How to Authenticate your Instagram Account
How to Authenticate your Instagram Account

Authenticate your Account to view your Instagram UGC!

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The first step to seeing your Instagram data in LoudCrowd is authenticating your account in the platform. Before you authenticate:

  • You must have LoudCrowd "Owner" access Only LoudCrowd Owners are able to see the "Integrations" section in LoudCrowd. Don't see "Integrations?" Reach out to your Client Strategist for help upgrading your access.

  • Ensure your Instagram Account is linked to a Facebook Business Page, and you are an "Admin" or "Moderator" on that page.

  • Confirm you have access to view your Instagram settings. You'll need your IG username and login.

Ready to view your Instagram Data? 3 Steps to Authenticate:

Step 1: Add Social Account in LoudCrowd Integrations Navigate to the Integrations tab, then select "Add Instagram Account." A Facebook popup will appear to continue authenticating. NOTE: You must have permission to "Messages and community Activity" and "Insights" to be able to authenticate.

Step 2: Authenticate with Facebook Follow the on-screen prompts in the Facebook popup for authentication. Select "YES" on all permissions.

Note: These permissions allow us to collect your Instagram Tags. We will never post or message users on your behalf, nor access your account information unless permitted to do so.

Step 3: Confirm Integration on Instagram To ensure we're collecting Instagram Stories, navigate to your IG Privacy Settings, select "Messages," and confirm "Allow Access to Messages" is turned on.

Instagram Authentication FAQs

What types of mentions are you able to collect?

LoudCrowd tracks In-Feed Mentions (Both Tag and Caption mentions), Stories, and Reels.

Are Reels included?

Yes, Facebook recently opened their Reels API for tech partners.

Does this include historic data?

There is no historic data for Instagram Stories.

Why do all permissions need to be selected?

These permissions allow us to collect your Instagram Tags. We will never post or message users on your behalf, nor access your account information unless permitted to do so. See below screenshot for necessary permissions

Do Stories disappear?

Yes, Facebook only allows us to display the image/video and caption of the Story for 24 hours. We will display countdown times on each piece of content, and you have 24 hours to view the image. The metrics of the post will be retained, however, so you always have record of that story.

What happens when stories disappear?

Our app will show a record that the "Story Expired". The metrics of the post remain along with any labels you've created.

Can I save Stories?

Per Facebook guidelines, it is not possible to Archive Stories in our app.

Additional Troubleshooting

General Instagram Troubleshooting

Ensure your Instagram is connected to a Facebook Business Page. You're able to check this in your Page Settings.

If you have been moved to the "new" Facebook Page Experience, you'll need to have access to a "Task" called "Messages & Community Activity," "Insights," or "Facebook Access"

Instagram Stories Troubleshooting

On Facebook

Confirm that LoudCrowd has received the "Manage Messages" permission. This can be located in your Facebook Page Settings. Select "More Tools" > "Page Settings" > "Advanced Messaging." You should see LoudCrowd here.

On Instagram

Confirm you are not restricting messages in your Instagram account. This can be confirmed by navigating to "Settings" > "Privacy" > "Messages."

Still need help getting set up?

Reach out to [email protected] and our Customer Success team will be happy to assist you!

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