Creating a test account is a great way to test the user experience of your program prior to launch.

Where can I create a test account?

  1. To create a test account, start by going to the Programs tab and selecting the program that you'd like to add an account to. Select "View Program" to open up the Program Dashboard

How to create a test account?

1. Navigate to the Members tab and select "+ Add Member"

2. In the Add Member pop-up, enter an Instagram username. This doesn't have to be a valid username for testing purposes, but feel free to add your personal Instagram! Enter the email that you'd like to be associated with the test account and click Save.

3. Refresh the page and you should see the account listed as a member in the program. Hover over the right side of the customer row and you should see a button that says "Actions".

4. Select "Send Reward" from the drop-down and a pop-up with all of the program rewards will show up. Select which reward you'd like to send to the test account via email and it should fire off to your inbox.

Examples of test accounts to create:

  • Create a test account to ensure your brand ambassadors will have the best experience receiving rewards.

  • A test account to ensure the rewards system is set up correctly.


  1. Will I be able to create 2 test accounts using the same Instagram username?

    No, the LoudCrowd platform will not allow two accounts to be created under the same username. This is to prevent duplicates from occurring.

    Still, need help getting set up?

    Reach out to [email protected] and our Customer Success team will be happy to assist you!

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