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A guide for your Customer Support team.

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Now that your Social Rewards Program is live, we want your Customer Support team to be equipped to answer frequently asked questions!

What is LoudCrowd?

LoudCrowd helps you measure the value of that User Generated Content (UGC, engage with your most valuable customers, and drive more UGC.

What is a LoudCrowd Social Rewards Program?

LoudCrowd has created the ability to create a scalable, content-based rewards program.

How the Social Rewards Program work:

  1. Customers sign up for the Program on the landing page.

  2. Once they make an Instagram Post, it will come through our approval process. The customer must tag your brand in either the post or mentioned in the caption for the post to count.

  3. If your Program rewards monthly, the customer will receive the reward for the highest tier achieved. If your Program rewards instantly, the customer will receive their reward within 1 day of posting.

  4. Customers will receive a unique, one-time use discount code via email on the 1st of the following month for monthly fulfillment Programs.

Top 3 troubleshooting steps for Social Rewards:

  1. Check that the customer is posting from a public account

  2. Check that the customers email & Instagram Handle are correct

  3. Check that a reward was sent to the Customer via “Rewards” in LoudCrowd

How to check the Rewards activity:

  • Log into LoudCrowd

  • Click on the Programs tab -> click View Program

  • Select the Rewards Activity tab

  • You are then able to filter the Rewards Activity by Reward, Username, or Reward Date

  • You can find the discount code they received on the right hand side

Customer FAQ & Responses:

  • How do I get rewarded?

    • Check your email! Rewards will be send to the email you register with.

  • When should I expect my reward?

    • Monthly rewards: You will receive an email at the end of the month if you earned a reward.

    • Instant rewards: You will receive an email within 1 business day of posting if you received a reward.

  • How many rewards can I earn in a month?

    • You will earn one reward per month, the highest reward you qualify for.

      • *answer may vary, please refer to your Programs landing page

  • Can I get rewarded on any other social platforms?

    • While we encourage you to share on other platforms, we are only offering rewards for Instagram at the moment.

      • *answer may vary, please refer to your Programs landing page to see if you reward for TikTok

  • Are Reels included?

    • Instagram In-feed posts, Reels and Stories are eligible for rewards.

      • *answer may vary, please refer to your Programs landing page to see if you reward for both In-feed and Stories

  • How do I ensure my post is valid?

    • Ensure you are posting from a public account, tagging the correct brand, and following the post guidelines.

For specific questions regarding your Social Rewards Program, reach out to your Client Strategist or [email protected].

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