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Optimizing Hashtags for Brand Exposure
Optimizing Hashtags for Brand Exposure

Learn how to organize your content and elevate your brand with the use of hashtags

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What are Hashtags?

Hashtags are a powerful way to categorize and label your content. They then allow Instagram to serve your posts to the most relatable users, and identify specific content within your community!

Where can I find Top Hashtags in LoudCrowd?

Identify your top hashtags by logging into the LoudCrowd platform and previewing your dashboard. To view top hashtags scroll to the bottom portion of the page.

How can I see what content is used with any Hashtag?

  1. Navigate to the Content tab

  2. Click on “ + Add Filter”, Scroll down to “ Hashtag List”

  3. Add in the specific hashtag you want to search for

Apply the filter, and you’ll be able to see how many posts include that specific hashtag. For this example, 162 posts included #whiteboots.

How Do I Use a Hashtag?

Hashtags are encouraged when running challenges to filter that specific hashtag and locate content associated with it in the platform. It’s a great way to then repurpose that content, add it to a label and highlight your ambassadors and customers on your own social media profiles!


  • Repost / Feature: Identify a specific hashtag, and add those photos to a label that you can then use to repost to your social media accounts.

    • Example Hashtags: #dolcevita, #ootd, #shoplocal

  • Specific Products: Find photos that mention a specific brand, product or product line

    • Example Hashtags: #aloyoga, #justdoit, #loungecollection

  • Seasonality: Label photos that align with your seasonal marketing initiatives

    • Example Hashtags: #ufcnight, #summeredition, #footballseason

  • Marketing Programs/Initiatives: Label photos that mention one of your programs

    • Example Hashtags: #jointheband, #thesweatlife, #solemates


Why is it important to create a brand hashtag for your company or program?

Associating a brand hashtag is important because it elevates brand marketing within your customers. Your customers are your biggest marketers and they enjoy tagging brands they love on their posts. Additionally, adding a hashtag allows customers to brainstorm on fun ways to incorporate the hashtag into their captions. It’s a trend!

Can I search for multiple hashtags?

Yes! You can add multiple hashtags within your search.

How many hashtags should be used per post?

Best practice is to use between 3-5 hashtags.

Can I use multiple social media platforms like TikTok?

Definitely! TikTok is a social sensation, and attracts a very young audience. If you’re trying to target a niche group like Gen-Z. TikTok is the place to do it! Hashtags can help with company exposure and help draw attention to your brand!

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