What to Look for After Your Program Launch?

We'll do a deep dive into your program dashboard and identify some key metrics to impress your stakeholders!

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You’ve launched your LoudCrowd Ambassador Program… Now What?

Congrats! You’ve launched your LoudCrowd Ambassador Program. You’re well on your way to building a sense of community and appreciation between your brand and your community. Get ready to see boosts in UGC across Instagram and TikTok (if applicable)! So what numbers should you care about now?

First of all, how do I see my program in LoudCrowd?

Easy! Navigate to the Programs tab and you’ll see a list of all of your LoudCrowd programs. You can click into any one of them to explore more.

Number of Members

It’s simple: more members = more posts. To see the number of members in your program, navigate to the Programs tab and click on the program of interest.

On your Program Dashboard, you’ll be able to quickly identify the number of members in your program, in addition to trends in sign-ups.

You can look at your members in more detail by clicking the members button on your Program Dashboard.

This will bring you to a page of all your ambassadors. You can filter and sort through your list by approved posts, segments within programs, etc. within the Social CRM tab.

Go and find your top ambassadors and show them some love by sending them a gift!

Number of Posts

All other metrics hinge on the number of posts. The number of posts that you see on your dashboard is the total number of posts that members of your program have made since joining.

Clicking ‘See All’, will direct you to the content tab filtered for posts from members of your Ambassador Program.


Impressions is the metric used to gauge the number of digital views of content. From the Program Dashboard, you’ll know how many people have seen your brand’s content as a result of your LoudCrowd Ambassador Program.

Engagement Rate

Sure, a post is great, but what good is it if people aren’t engaged by it. Engagement is a metric determined by the ratio of a user’s number of followers to the number of likes and comments their content receives.

The higher the engagement rate, the better. Healthy engagement rates fall in the range of 3-8%. Rates below 3% suggest that members are not producing engaging posts. Rates above 20% suggest that members in your program have smaller follower counts, and therefore, are more likely to have a higher ratio of activity per follower.


EMV is Earned Media Value. This is based on the number of impressions generated and the estimated cost to acquire those impressions. In other words, your Program Dashboard communicates the total marketing value that your ambassadors have generated for your brand. Strive for Earned Media Value (UGC!) rather than Paid Media Value (Expensive Facebook Ads)!

Number of Rewards

If your program is at least a month old, your Program has probably sent out at least a few rewards. You can find a summary of your Program Rewards at the bottom of your Program Dashboard.

Also, you can review reward activity in more detail by clicking Rewards Activity. This will bring up all of the reward and program communications that have been sent to your ambassadors via LoudCrowd.

Return on Investment

It’s not atypical for brands with LoudCrowd programs to see ROIs surpass 30x!

To calculate the ROI of your Ambassador Program, subtract the total value of your rewards from the EMV generated from the program, then divide by the total value of your rewards. Try it right now and report back to your dedicated client strategist.

Overall UGC

Now navigate to your main dashboard to see how your total UGC has changed since you launched your Ambassador Program. Take a moment to appreciate the growth and be sure to share it with your stakeholders.

You can also compare and contrast the post activity of your ambassadors before and after they joined the program. Hit the top left button and search for your ambassador segment. Your ambassadors are surely posting more now that they are being incentivized (and the fact that they love your brand)!

Other Reminders

Your dashboard is always filterable by time. Click on the purple button at the top right of your dashboard to begin toggling between different time periods.

What Now?

Now hop in LoudCrowd and complete the following tasks to impress your stakeholders:

  • Compare the ROI of your program between November ‘21 and December ‘21.

  • Look for your top ambassadors and show them some love by sending a gift

  • See how sign-ups have been trending. If they’re low, come up with a plan with your client strategist to boost sign ups

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