How to Find Your Top Hashtags

Want to find hashtag trends in your UGC?

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The LoudCrowd dashboard now collates all your UGC hashtags! You can view your top hashtag trends, and filter by date and customer segments.

Why Spot Hashtag Trends

Launching a new product? Running a holiday campaign? These are great times to encourage a specific hashtag with your customers! Hashtags make it easy to find specific posts, and monitor trends over time.

Using Hashtag Data

Once you learn more about hashtags that resonate with your customers, we encourage you to label and share your high performing UGC posts!

Finding Top Hashtags

  1. In your Dashboard, first select the dates / customer segments you'd like to include in your hashtag search!

2. Scroll down and view your top hashtags for that segment and time frame:

Top Hashtags

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