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The importance of engaging with Gen Z for your Ambassador Programs
The importance of engaging with Gen Z for your Ambassador Programs

Find out why Generation Z is a crucial asset to the success of your ambassador and reward programs.

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TL;DR – As Gen Z paves the way in how we use social media and the trends that follow, they are a crucial asset to the success of your brand ambassador and reward programs.

Generation Z is paving the way when it comes to how we use social media and the trends that follow. This generation is a crucial asset to the success of your ambassador and reward programs.

Who is Generation Z?

Born between 1996-2010, this generation is open-minded, inclusive, tech-savvy and loyal. Not only are they changing the ways we use social media, but they are also a key factor in driving sales.

Why should I target this generation for my ambassador program?

This generation is already tagging their favorite brands on social media, so why not reward them for it? TikTok will have roughly 37.3 million Gen Z monthly users by the end of 2021, while Instagram will have about 33.3 million monthly users. You need to capitalize on your customers who are in the routine of posting about the products they love on Instagram and TikTok, and sharing them with their followers.

One thing Gen Z has in common with other generations is their trust for reviews by friends rather than paid advertising efforts, like Influencers. 96% of Gen Zers take the time to read reviews before buying a product, while 82% of Gen Zers say they trust a company more if it uses images of real customers in its advertisements.

Gen Zers also care deeply about staying loyal to brands, especially if they’re making an impact in their communities. 72% said they’re more likely to buy from a company that contributes to social causes.

How can I find this age group of customers within LoudCrowd?

Navigate to the Social CRM tab within your account, +Filter, and select Biography. This tool allows you to search your customers' Instagram bios. Here are some example keywords you should search to find this age group:

  • College / University Names

  • TikTok

  • Location: States, Cities

  • Social Clubs (Greek Life, Musical Groups, Sports teams)

How should I invite this age group to join my program?

  • Meet them where they already are! Utilize Instagram and TikTok.

    • Promote your program on Instagram via your feed and/or stories. Below is an example.

  • Promote your program on your TikTok

    • This generation consumes short and to the point content, so make sure your TikTok is less than 3 minutes long.

    • Use a trending sound in your TikTok to increase the chances of your video appearing on your customer's 'For You' Pages; TikTok’s algorithm is designed to show consumers videos that use sounds they’ve already interacted with.

  • Send 1 to 1 DMs to customers who tag you on Instagram or TikTok

    • Example DM copy to send them - Hey! We loved what you recently tagged us in, thanks for sharing! We're looking for amazing customers just like you to join our Ambassador Program, an elite group of our biggest fans who can earn exclusive rewards by simply posting and tagging us on's really that easy. If you're interested, check out the link below to register and for more information. We can't wait to welcome you to the family!

  • In-person events when applicable!

    • If your brand will be present at a concert, sporting event, sponsored events, etc. make sure you’re actively promoting your program.

    • Examples:

      • Cards with QR codes that lead them directly to your program’s landing page

      • If they sign up for your program on the spot, they can earn a bonus reward

  • Add a QR code insert into all of your packages.

  • Include a welcome gift! Gen Z loves freebies (I mean, who doesn’t?), so add a bonus incentive to signing up for your program

    • Examples - free product, discount, site credit

What are the rewards Gen Z members would love?

Typical program rewards include free product(s), site credits, and discounts. Those are all great, but here are some creative rewards for Gen Z!

  • A charitable donation in their name. This generation takes pride in helping others and their community.

  • Brand perks that could include early access to all sales or exclusive knowledge of products launching before it’s announced publicly

  • Experience-based rewards

    • I.e - Zoom with a celebrity associated with your brand or founder(s) of the company, master class on a topic associated with your brand

  • PR Box! Gen Z consumes a ton of video content why not let them do an unboxing like their favorite influencers and celebrities?

Final tips and tricks while targeting Gen Z:

  • Think mobile first! When creating your communication materials, design for mobile-first. Nearly all of your Gen Z audience will be looking at your social accounts, emails, general communications on mobile rather than a desktop.

  • Show off your brand’s personality and use a personal voice! This generation gravitates towards brands they can relate to.

    • Using viral sounds on TikTok will also lead to brand recognition.

  • Gen Z is known to constantly move from one thing to the next, so keep all of your communications concise yet creative.

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