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How do I organize my UGC for Black Friday and the holidays?
How do I organize my UGC for Black Friday and the holidays?

This article will walk you through best practices with the LoudCrowd platform and curating Black Friday / Holiday UGC.

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The busiest retail season of the year is just around the corner! This is a great opportunity to show your customers and/or ambassadors how much they mean to you. This guide will help you curate Black Friday and holiday related UGC. We’ll help you find great UGC content and offer ideas for engaging with your customers / ambassadors.

Consider doing the following this holiday season to boost customer or ambassador engagement:

  • Providing early Black Friday / holiday sale access to your top UGC customers or ambassadors

  • Featuring your best holiday UGC in your outreach or marketing materials. Remember that you always have the right to share content from your ambassadors!

  • Sending your best UGC customers or ambassadors a holiday gift (discount codes, special items, holiday email, etc.)

How do I search for Black Friday and holiday related UGC?

You can easily search for prior Black Friday and holiday UGC using the caption and biography search features!

To curate prior posts with Black Friday or holiday content, navigate to Social CRM → Add Filter → Caption and then enter your search!

After completing the search, you’ll find all UGC containing your keyword. Scroll through to find your favorites!

With each post you’ll have the ability to download the image, gift the customer, or link to their actual Instagram page.

To search for customers with specific keywords in their bio, navigate to Social CRM → Add Filter → Biography.

You’ll then find all of your customers with that keyword in their bio.

Check out Katie, who’s feed focuses on holiday decor!

What keywords should I be using in my caption/bio searches?

Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Holiday, or the names of any of your prior holiday campaigns.

How can I organize and save my UGC curations?

Using the labels tool! To start, hit the select button.

Then go through and select all the UGC you’d like to add to your curation. Once you’ve selected, hit the label button to add your selected UGC to an existing Label or to create a new one.

To create a new Label, hit the + button at the bottom of the popup. Once your label is created, you’ll now be able to filter your content for that curation. You can continue to add to the label as your UGC pours in this Black Friday or holiday season!!

What if I want to reach out to prior customers?

Do it, there are so many ways to show value to your customers! DM them on Instagram or send them a gift!

What are some examples of Black Friday / holiday customer outreach?

Encourage your customers to share more UGC about you this year by showing them how much you value their content! See the below for an example of Instagram outreach.

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