How to run challenges within your Program

Your program is officially launched, congrats! Now it’s time to run a challenge with your program members to continue growing engagement.

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First, what is a challenge?

A challenge is an activity you announce to your program members prompting them to complete the task at hand. The task should be a call to action (i.e., create specific UGC, feature specific product line or product, etc.) that relates to a brand marketing campaign with the opportunity to earn special recognition and/or rewards.

Where do I start in planning a challenge?

First, decide if you’d like the challenge to be focused on photo or video content. You can run the challenge via Instagram in-feed, Instagram stories, or TikTok.

How long should the challenge be?

The most common timelines are monthly challenges, weekly challenges, or weekend challenges.

How should I reward the challenge participants?

You can either reward everyone who participates in the challenge or pick top customers to win a bigger grand prize.

Challenge examples:

  • Incorporate the challenge into your new product launch

    • Ex - Post a before and after photo using our new product!

  • Photo or video testimonial about your brand / specific product(s)

    • Ex - Post a video explaining why you wanted to be a Brand Ambassador!

  • Tie the challenge in with holidays / seasons

    • Ex - Use a specific product in your halloween costume this year!

  • Tie the challenge in with current events

    • Ex - Show us how you stay hydrated while watching the Super Bowl this year!

  • Encourage community and collaborative content

    • Ex - Share a photo of you and your bestie wearing your products together!

Challenge reward examples:

  • Site Credit

  • Discount

  • Gift Cards

  • Free product(s)

  • Experience based

    • Ex: Zoom with the Founder, cooking class with a celebrity chef, master class with a makeup artist

  • Charitable donations made in their name

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